Haste Makes Waste

Admittedly, sending faxes from your house isn’t much work for political activism. Nontheless, few things have compelled me to action as much as the recent fear mongering and insanity aimed at bailing out the rich few on the backs of the ordinary.


Haste Makes Waste.

The American economy is strong and resilient. The key to that strength is the creativity, flexibility, and hard labor of American citizens. The key to that strength is the belief that tomorrow is a new opportunity to improve and prosper and that opportunity is unburdened by the sins of the past.

Average citizens are they key. Citizens who wake up with a dream to do something different and start a new company. Citizens who decide they want to help their community and become doctors and teachers. Citizens who decide they want to serve their country in the military or through public service.

Citizens like me.

Please do not saddle us with more debt. Please do not saddle our children and our grandchildren due to fear and panic. Please do not burden the future for all due to the sins of the past - sins of the few who knowingly took risks.

There are alternatives to the Paulson bill.

Take the time to do it right. Even if it you must wait for a recess.

Please. My child’s future depends on it.

Nicholas Kirsch

A middle-class father of one.