Dear Politicans,

I am very concerned with the way Congress is rushing to fix the housing mess without taking the time to understand what the root causes are and the potential ramifications of policy on the future.

My faith in politics hinges on our leaders’ ability to look past their own re-election and towards the decisions which will have the most benefit to their constituents and the American people - not in the short-term, but in the long-term.

Short-term thinking gives the illusion of success, but ultimately causes more pain and suffering. An example of this is the potential bail-out of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. As a US taxpayer and citizen, I have no interest in saving investors and rewarding institutions which clearly made short-term decisions at the mistake of long-term viability.

Allowing the institutions to fail will certainly destroy investor wealth and create short-term pain. In the long-term, however, new institutions will arise which are built on stronger principles and an acute awareness that they are held accountable for their choices - as we all should be. This will result in long-term wealth creation; not only for the particular investors who have the foresight to invest in these opportunities but also for the American people.

I appreciate your support on this issue and I will be watching your votes and statements carefully.

Thank you.

Nicholas Kirsch