my stuff - going, going, gone!

Less than 3 years ago, I was the proud owner of a fully populated entertainment center/bookshelf. This is not one of those small pieces of furniture, mind you, but at least 10 feet in length and 8 feet tall.

I love information - I'm essentially an information pack rat, although as you'll see, that is changing. I've kept most of my books from college - especially my math and computer science books. I really (read never) have time to read them, but just seeing them on the shelves takes me back to a time where I was younger, smarter, and more in control. =)

First came Eriko. I gave up 25% of the bookshelf as soon as her stuff began to arrive from Nagoya. There was some creative maneuvering and I ended up with more shelf space, by far.

Then came Jerry. At first, the impact was minor. A shelf for his toys. Then two. Then a shelf for his books. Then two. Then another shelf for his toys. Then another for his books.

I put quite a few of my books in storage - all the "duplicate" (or redundant) materials, or the ones of least interest to me - but I still kept quite a few CS, math, and economics books - not to mention my collection of Dr. Dobb's
magazines (which were doubling as a barrier to accessing the power cords.)

As of last Sunday, I was down to slightly less than 50% of the total space - but looking around the room, at the proliferation of toys and books, I finally bent to the forces of family.

I boxed up all my magazines (Dr. Dobbs and the Economist) and literature books, moved all of my CS books to work (where they probably won't be read either, but I wasn't using those bookshelves), and consolidated my math, economics, and Japanese language books onto a single shelf.

The funny thing is that I find the event quite freeing. I can't count how many evenings I would grab one of those CS books, read a page or two, and feel tortured - I couldn't spend time with it but I couldn't leave it alone. This reminds me of the time, in our condominium garage, when one of my neighbors came up to me. I was "working" on the MG and she said "when are you going to grow up and just get rid of this thing? You should be using this space for the car you park on the street."

She's right - I knew it then and I know it now, but I still haven't given up that car (and I still entertain ideas about converting it into an electric car for Jerry). I don't have too many things left to go. =)