Jerry's language

Conversations with Jerry are becoming more and more rich.

verbal words:

da da - dako (carry me) ba - bus oppai/pai - oppai (breast milk) bo - poi (throw) da - daddy (me!) bo bo - baru (ball) bo bo - boshi (hat) bu - book bon - zubon (pants) itai - itai (ouch) uh oh - uh oh babi - baby tsee - cheese gepu/upu - gepu (burp) ba ba - blanket pa pa - pan (bread) nen ne - neru (sleep)


gorilla (hands hitting chest/stomach) plane (hand above head) hat (hand taps head) bird (hand makes mouth gesture) eat (mouth makes eating gesture) banana (finger rubs palm) cat (hand on cheek, head tilted)

sound effects:

brum brum - car noise beep beep - two cars touching (like hello)

Jerry also trys to copy animal sounds from his blue animal spin & say toy. Eriko says he is good at ducks - I like the horse imitation. =)