William Langewiesche: Atomic Bazaar - The Rise of the Nuclear Poor

Eriko, Jerry, and I went to Vancouver, BC on Saturday. We spent about 8 hours in the car in exchange for about 8 hours in Canada - most of which were spent with Naofumi, Eriko’s cousin. We went to Stanley park, the aquarium, walked around downtown, and hung out at the Oakridge Mail (unfortunately it was raining.)

I finally had an opportunity to listen to some of the longer podcasts; I found this one particularly interesting. In it William talks about his new book and fields questions regarding the problem of inevitable nuclear proliferation. I haven’t exactly done research on this subject, but William was very unbiased and rational in his approach towards analyzing the problem. I recommend it for anyone tired of one-sided media coverage of this issue.

(I don’t have a category for podcasts - I guess I’ll have to read the book!)