I’ve “decided” that I simply cannot read The Economist from cover-to-cover. While I’m interested in doing so, I cannot keep up with the volume of material and haven’t been willing to dedicate the time. I still enjoy the magazine and will continue to skim as well as keep them for later reference.

I continue to find myself spending a too much time working; even though I’ve worked hard to keep my physical presence at work down to 40-50 hours a week, I find myself thinking about work, using my crackberry, emailing from my home PC or firing up my corporate laptop.

Even when I’m not “working”, I often spend time on the computer - surfing the web, reading about technology, etc. Not only does this hobby easily blend into real work (i.e. I can check both mailboxes at the same time) but it keeps mee away from Jerry. The computer is very much an entertainment device - much like a TV. Perhaps if I start thinking of it in that fashion, I can spend less time on it.