a recent day

Recently, my day looks something like this:

I’m awoken about 4 AM by Jerry. Eriko has fed him, but he’s still restless so she asks me to hold him. I bounce him for a bit and then lay in bed holding him. I can’t really fall asleep like this, but it is better than sitting on the couch. Eventually I start to doze, which causes me to shift my body position and Jerry wakes up. This repeats for an hour or more until Eriko feeds Jerry again. I sleep for maybe an hour before the alarm goes off - recently at 6:45 (although I’m aiming for 6).

I quickly put on my clothes. I have a virtual meeting at 7 AM, so I power on the computer as well. Jerry is awake (awakened by Eriko, although she prefers I do it) so I’m typically carrying him around. It is quite a struggle to use the computer and watch him at the same time. He wants to be on the computer and just watching me won’t cut it. That can last between 15-30 minutes, until Eriko is out of bed and feeding him. Recently I’ve been hanging around the house until about 8:30, although my intention is to be at work by 8.

At work, I spend most of my day in meetings. Those meetings consist of phone calls with customers or sales engineers, product development discussions, 1-on-1 discussions with my direct reports, project related meetings (for projects I manage), resource discussions (with other managers), etc. Although I’ve re-arranged my calendar to give me both office hours and “personal time”, it is occupied with meetings approximately 60% of the time.

Eriko and I haven’t been meeting for lunch, so I’ll either have a meeting through lunch, hang out with co-workers, or eat at my desk. It depends on whether I’ve had any time to myself so far. Although I intend to leave work about 4:30, I’ve typically been leaving closer to 5:30. Simply put, it is hard to get away.

As soon as I come home, Jerry is ready to see me. Typically Eriko has to hold him near me as I take off my jacket, wash my hands, etc. Once I’m ready, it is playtime. Quite often dinner is ready, but we don’t necessarily eat dinner together. Either one of us plays with Jerry or we take turns, eating half of our meal and then alternating.

About 30 minutes after dinner, it is time for Jerry’s bath. He and I go in the tub together to wash and play. After 10-15 minutes I call for Eriko to take Jerry and then I shower. Jerry is up for another hour or two (8 or 9, depending on his nap schedule). I might spend 30 minutes to an hour with Eriko, on the computer, or organizing the desk.

That’s a wrap!