Nagoya -> Seattle

We returned from Nagoya on Wednesday. The flight was long - we woke up in Nagoya about 7 AM, arrived at the airport about 10:20, and boarded our first flight about 11:30. We went first to Narita, where we changed planes and had about 30 minutes before boarding our next flight. Narita is a real pain to travel through these days - you have to go through an additional security checkpoint whenever you transfer between flights and it is always crowded. The flight from Narita lasted about 9 hours. We had expected Jerry to have a poor flight (as the way over he had some trouble) but he actually did quite wonderful. He fell asleep right after take-off and slept for a few hours. Then he woke up and we had to dedicate some attention to him, but he didn’t get upset and we were able to keep him happy. The airline baby food meal was actually quite good and Jerry ate a lot. He fell asleep again for a few hours, although this sleep was a little more restless as he was getting quite hot.

We landed in Portland and had about two hours to go through customs and transfer planes. This time we were on a tiny little Dash turbo-prop. Jerry again did wonderful and he and Eriko slept for the 45 minute flight to Seattle. We landed in Seattle about 9:30, quickly collected our bags, and boarded our Super Shuttle. Ultimately, we arrived at our condo about 10:20. Eriko made a quick meal of ramen and after eating, I took a shower. Jerry was quite upset by all the turmoil and he didn’t seem to recognize the house at all. I was sorely needed at work and so I went into work about noon and ended up working the rest of the day, eventually staying up 36 hours straight. Whew - we are home.