more thoughts on academia

I spoke with two professors yesterday and I was relatively convinced that I was going to transition to academia… but then I came in and talked it over with my boss. After that conversation, I had an epiphany… this situation is very similar to the time I broke up with Eriko, slept on it, and woke up to realize that no - I didn’t want to break up… I just needed to be patient, figure out a way to get through our troubles, and learn to love her - because it was what I wanted.

I think this lust for academia is much the same thing. Since I was a boy, I’ve always wanted to be in industry. School was just a process to me - I’ve never devoted much time to it, I’ve never held it in high regards. So my desire for academia is a desire for progress, challenge, respect, etc. - but I can have those things here - I’m already well on the way to those things.

Maybe a PhD isn’t out of reach for me - and I know I already “decided” this - but now just isn’t the time.