Dave woke up at 5 and I woke up at 6. In the morning we goofed off and I called

Eriko. She was doing well and Zack visits were very helpful. Dave was superbly

pissed as he ruined his shirts in the laundry - or thought so until washed them

again. We left the apartment 8:15.

We headed towards Aravaskaya which was close to a pedestrian only shopping

street that Alex had told us about. We got a little turned around and had no

success buying Cuban cigars, but stumbled upon the street without too much

delay. We walked a half-mile up the street, passing what appeared to be one

breakfast location. As it turns out, there were no others (which were open) so

we had to settle for McDonald’s. Dave did a terrific job ordering our food; the

food itself didn’t taste bad but there wasn’t much there. We chatted about the

team and issues before heading back out into the hot sun.

A few blocks away was slomesakay which was on our blue line, one stop further

away from work then we normally caught it. We arrived at work about 11. I led a

discussion to talk about the hiring plan for the rest of the year, as Andrey

had asked on Tuesday what we should be looking for. Andrey and Dmitry already

knew but wanted to hear approval for their ideas. We interviewed Michael at 1.

I led the interview and he had quite a bit of trouble with my interview

questions. Dmitry ordered pizza since we were starving.

In the afternoon, I spent some time researching reparse points. I found that

Vista will support per-file reparse points in the form of symlinks and I

created directory-based junction points using some tools, but was not able to

create per-file reparse points. I found enough pointers and information to pass along to Andrey, who will pass it along to Artem.

In the evening, Ilya, Dmitry, Lingle, and I head to ??, a fancy restaraunt

serving Indian, Japanese, and Russian. Apparently this was the same restaraunt

the previous entourage had eaten at. We ate nan, tandori seabass, and other

delicious food items. Alex F. showed up and so did the Cubans, the Absythn, and lots and lots of conversation.

Dmitry took us back to the apartment by 11:30 and bed by 12:30.