A nice, lazy thanksgiving. I got out of bed at 10; Eriko followed about 30 minutes later (she had woken up several hours earlier and eaten, however). We really didn’t do anything outside of the house besides a quick trip (by me) to Safeway for some eggs. Instead, Eriko worked on the baby’s vest and I worked on the computer, read, organized files, and watched TV. We watched “Reading Between The Lions”, which is a very creative reading show (on PBS) that Eriko enjoys. We watched a little of the latest Transformer’s cartoon but I was definitely dissappointed. We also watched Everybody Loves Raymond and Finding Nemo (which was nice, since we had gone to the ice show just two weeks ago). Eriko’s mom called at one point and I answered and had a brief conversation (which was pretty cool). Eriko made Japanese-style waffles (more like pancakes) with a cream sauce for dinner – they were delicious and filling. Eriko’s hungry again and soon we’ll head for bed.