Today was a very relaxed day. At work, Jane and I purchased donuts for the team and a few of us spent the first hour or so gabbing. I really didn’t get anything done (and I’m not positive anyone else did either) before the whole team left at 11:30 for lunch and bowling. It was our first “team building” exercise and was fun. Everyone enjoyed an activity on the company, and the timing was good. Scott and I left work early (about 3:30), stopped for coffee, and then I was home. Eriko was surprised to see me so soon and we spent the afternoon and evening hanging out and working on our hobbies (crocheting, computer, reading, napping, TV). With the desk in the living room, we can spent lots of time near each other without necessarily doing the same thing. I enjoy it and I think she does too. We spent some time talking and laughing before bed, since Eriko seemed to wake up when the lights went off.