I woke up a bit later today after our long night. I couldn’t stay in bed any longer although I probably wouldn’t have minded too much. I made chocolate-chip pancakes while waiting for Eriko to wake up. She slept in quite a bit longer and was still morose when she awoke. I gave her the consolation I probably should have the night before (by letting her know that we would get the best car seat we could) and left her to her musings. I spent some time on the computer and spent some time with the MG. I charged the battery and tried to start the engine, but it refused. It turned over quite nicely but never caught. I went to examine the sparkplugs when I discovered I didn’t have that size sparkplug wrench. Eriko decided to lay down (she wasn’t feeling so well) and so I headed to Schucks. I called Katrina, whom I’ve been playing phone tag with for about a month, and talked her throughout my errands. At Schucks I purchased the sparkplug socket, an adjustable wrench, and some ethyl starting spray. I also stopped off at Safeway (to buy some tomatoes) and Starbucks (in Safeway). I also parked the Miata on the side of the road and talked to Katrina for a while before returning home. I cleaned the sparkplugs, but the MG still refused to start. I called Zack and asked for help determing whether there was spark (I need him to hold the plug while I crank the engine and wait for a yelp) but he was busy. Instead, I installed a handheld shower (that we purchased a month or two ago) and then spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer. Eriko awoke and was feeling a little better; before long we headed to Pasta Bella Ristorante and enjoyed a very nice dinner. Back at home, Eriko looked through some parenting books and I watched 60 minutes. I also read a book that my boss loaned me. I spent a little time working on the GIFTS program before Eriko decided she wanted to make some cheesecake and needed to goto Safeway. Right then, Zack called and we chatted a bit before Eriko and I left. Afterwards, Eriko made cheesecake and took a shower while I finished my work on GIFTS and killed bugs that snuck in the window. We both enjoyed the cheesecake. Then it was time for shower, journal, and bed.