I was too tired to sleep well and the room became too bright too early. Eriko seemed to sleep better but was also tired when we woke up at 10 AM. The morning was slow and short. I called Todd to arrange a movie time, took a shower, and worked on the computer. Eriko ate and showered. About noon, I found Eriko laying down for a nap and I joined her. We woke up at 2, surprised by the time, and hurried off to meet Todd & Miki for a matinee showing of Chicken Little. We arrived with plenty of time, although I received some worried phone calls from co-workers and I was a little distracted. That went away when the movie started; it was funny and action packed. Eriko and I enjoyed Todd & Miki’s company and parted ways after the show. Back to the house, Eriko started to make dinner and I studied Japanese. While we waited for the rice to cook, Eriko drove the Jetta (with me in the passenger seat) to the hotel her parents will be staying at. After one successful trip, she decided to do it again. The trip should be relatively smooth as it is only a mile or two away. Back at home, we enjoyed a nice dinner and relaxed on the couch. Eriko did the dishes while I caught up on some journal entries. Then it was time for our showers.