Halloween. I woke up at 6:30, via the alarm (scary!) and ate a bowl of Toasted Oats. My media player was low on batteries (and I wasn’t in the mood), I didn’t want to turn on the light for fear of bothering Eriko (so I couldn’t study Japanese), so waking up early wasn’t super productive for me. I did spend a little time making sure the software on the laptop was up to date, and I left for work early. At work, however, my early arrival did not translate into increased productivity although I did get a few a things done. After a lengthly meeting, I came home early (about 11) and Eriko and I headed to Redmond to check out the free car. Eriko packed lunch, which was yummy, and we ate in the car (with me nibbling at stoplights). We arrived at AutoSys and I spied a black jetta with the hood up and what appeared to be a battery charger attached. Sure enough, that was the car. Gary helped me out with records and answering my questions and Eriko spent some time sitting in the car, noting the flaws, and (I imagine) imagining herself in it. I attached the power pack and started the vehicle, but we were unable to drive it since it was blocked in. After a few phone calls to Anne (the vehicle owner) and Aaron (my buddy, Anne’s son-in-law) Eriko and I were back on the road (and I was eating more lunch). Back at work, I got hit with a major let-down – my new employee (of two weeks) decided to leave the company. I made an effort to retain him, but when it was obvious he was not going to stay, I asked that he leave immediately. That put a bit of a bummer on the afternoon for me and I didn’t get much more work done; I left a little early and complained to Scott. Eriko warmed up dinner when I arrived and it was yummy! We watched a little TV while eating. I sent Rob an email (telling him the unfortunate news about the employee) and he quickly called me. We talked for a while, with some (minor) complaining. I then finally managed to convince Eriko to watch ‘Twilight Samurai’ with me, a movie loaned to me by Hideki (my Japanese teacher). I thought it was really good, except the lighting was a bit dark. Eriko also seemed to enjoy it. I then proceeded to wash the dishes and Eriko took a shower.