Eriko woke up a few minutes before the alarm (set for 8) and thus, so did I. She immediately got to work preparing lunch, which I found quite impressive. She also ate a small breakfast for herself while I used the computer and other assorted things. We left the house about 9, headed for her drum lessons. We were on-time (even a little early) and I stood outside with a few of her classmates while we waited. Once class started, I went to the get the Miata washed. The blackberry allowed me access to google, which allowed me to find a car wash that was near. The employees were helpful (if not a big “thuggish”) and I vacuumed the inside as well as got the wash & wheels package. I then went to Starbucks, had a latte, and read some Japanese. I was a little early to pickup Eriko and then I remembered that I needed to go to the post office. I didn’t get the google search right and couldn’t locate a post office that I could reach and return in 20 minutes, so I went to the bathroom and then went into Eriko’s class (where they were listening to some drums on tape). After class, Eriko and I headed to the WA department of licensing so she could get a state ID card (to make travel easier). The efficiency of the organization was surprising to me and the longest delay was waiting for her to get her picture taken (although I did have to run over to the cash machine.) Eriko had packed lunch, so we started eating some of it in the licensing office (which was the original intent; we didn’t know the waiting time). We headed towards Uwajimaya, via Phinney Ridge (Northgate, where her class is held, is quite north, while Uwajimaya is south of downtown). Eriko ate along the way and I was able to stuff my mouth at the stoplights. After shopping for all the items on our comprehensive list, Eriko was tired and starting to get a headache. On the way home, I stopped off at a post office and bought some postcard stamps (although I had to stand in line, as the machine wouldn’t dispense anything less than 37 cents). Back at home, Eriko took a nap and I started another lecture. I soon noticed my concentrate lacking and took a nap. Eriko woke up, ate, and then her headache returned. She called her mom and talked for a while. I began to read in my finance book how to properly do general ledger accounting so that I can convert the computer database (in preparation for solid accounting next year). Afterwards, she rushed to the bathroom and threw up for the first time during the pregnancy. Afterwards, she said she felt the best in a long time. She had to tell her mother this (who believes it was more mental than physical). To celebrate (and Eriko had no intention of cooking) we went to Olympia pizza a few blocks away. (Eriko thinks Pete’s cheese is too salty). We had pizza, a salad, and I had a soda. It was yummy, although the crust was less tasty (sweet, Eriko thought) than Pete’s. Back at home, we relaxed on the couch (TV, etc.) and then Eriko got another headache. She took a shower and I worked on more on the accounting transition, having devised a four step process for converting my existing database into the revised format.