I slept pretty solid but since I went to bed late I got out of bed about 30 minutes after the alarm. I didn’t spend much time at home before saying goodbye to Eriko and heading off to work. I was semi-productive in the morning, but not fully engaged. Eventually I got more into the bug fixing I was doing and became relatively productive before my team heading out to Pesos for a team lunch. We welcomed our latest two employees (one hired very recently, the other a few months ago), which was nice. Back at work, there was a regularly scheduled engineering meeting in which my name was mentioned (although forgotten at first). After that I wasn’t real productive, but the time did go fast. I then went to Japanese class and it was nice to see Hideki. We talked about my company and that was challenging – describing what a technology company does in Japanese. ;) I’m starting on a new book (intermediate level) which is a good sign of progress, even if I don’t feel I’m making as much as I should be. I had another hour at work, but wasn’t real productive. I got home by about 6:20. Eriko was still making dinner because she got a late start; she had been talking to her parents on Skype. She was in a pretty good mood. I watched a little TV and did some other odd things while waiting. Dinner was yummy and then I did dishes. We watched some TV, went to Safeway, watched some more TV, and then I started to read a Japanese book. I worked on finances while Eriko showered and then I showered. Before bedtime, we shared some potato chips together. Eriko was in a noticeably better mood.