Today was a lazy day. We slept in - until about 9:45. That was too much sleep for me – the last few hours I was just tossing and turning trying to get comfortable. Eriko made breakfast while I checked my email. I got a note from mom with a bunch of addresses, so I started to fill out postcards with all the addresses. After breakfast, I continued until I had close to 20 postcards waiting for notes. I did some homework, filled out some postcards, and worked on the computer. Pretty soon it was time for lunch. After lunch, Eriko took a nap and I installed Skype (an Internet phone) on the computer. Her dad sent us and email and asked us to join. Then I started reading a textbook… but before I knew it, I was falling asleep. I moved to the couch and took a nap. 2 hours later, we both woke up. Wow, talk about lazy! Eriko wanted to go shopping at Uwajimaya, so off we went. Afterwards, she made dinner and I finished with the 10th postcard. We watched a little TV, I played a little computer, and I tried to get her SIM card (for her phone) working in mine. Her dad is going to stop paying the roaming charges on her phone and I was hoping she would be able to continue using it. I didn’t have any luck, but some research on the Internet says it is possible. Before I knew it, it was bedtime.