I didn’t sleep so well last night. To be more accurate, I slept solidly until early morning and then tossed and turned for a few hours. Eriko and I were both a little slow out of bed but as usual, she was quicker than I and had breakfast cooking before my feet hit the floor. She didn’t sleep so well either and her stomach has been bothering her. After breakfast, we discussed the possibility that she might be pregnant. Morning sickness (which can happen at anytime) like symptoms, late period, … First I did some things on the computer and then I spent some time preparing the AOS. I reminded Zack about the baseball game and he decided not to come. Then we talked about his “relationship” with Katie for about 30 minutes, then it was time for Eriko and I to goto the bank. I had a document notarized and obtained two cashier’s checks. We headed home and I tried an alternate route to avoid I-5 traffic. At home, Eriko’s stomach was upset again so she asked me to cook some pancakes. It seems that when her stomach is full, it feels better. We didn’t have much time to eat because we had plans to head over to Bellevue Community College and participate in the Japanese Autumn Festival. We left about 15 minutes later than we planned but arrived right on time. While Eriko and I were walking around the exhibits we happened to pass the Japanese Consulate. She took the opportunity to talk to them about changing her name on her passport. They were very helpful and will send her the necessary paperwork. Eriko had wanted to listen to some readings and singing (in Japanese), so we moved to another building. It was good. Of course, I didn’t understand anything but she enjoyed herself and I was comfortable in my chair. We didn’t stay too long because we wanted to arrive at Safeco field in time for the game. I splurged and spent $8 for parking which was close to the game – no big deal since the tickets themselves were free! We actually arrived early, so we saw some of the players warming up. This also gave me time to fetch some lemonade, beer, and french fries before the game began. We sat in right-field, 38 rows up, but still quite close to Ichiro. There were quite a few Japanese in this section, all intent on watching him. At first the sun shone directly on us (and into our eyes) but by the 3rd inning it was behind the stadium wall and we could look comfortably. Of course, without the sun, we got a little cool but we were well prepared. The Mariners lost the gam but we enjoyed ourselves anyway. Eriko even felt pretty good… until we got home and her stomach began to bother her again. Not bad, but not good. We were home in time for Seinfeld and only stayed up long enough to watch that and shower.