i can barely believe it. after 27 years of being alone, i am no longer an individual. i am now half of a whole, part of a pair, a bit of two… i like having Eriko around. it is a little surreal to watch her make the house her own, little by little. the kitchen, the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room… they all bear her mark. today we obtained her social security number, added her to the bank accounts, and filed for a marriage license. if all goes well, my co-worker (a “minister”) will officiate over a very brief ceremony on Monday and we’ll be legally bonded. then, lots more legal work to be done such as changing her name, filing for a change in her immigration status (towards the green card), etc. soon i’ll be at work full-time and then japanese class twice a week … and then uw in addition. i’m a little nervous but also excited to see our lives develop… together. ;)