Married life

If I’m not dilligent about this, then I forget; for now, just the highlights.

  • Monday - we spent 2 hours at the social security office where we found out that we would have to wait 4 weeks for Eriko's SSN. Then we went to uwajimaya on the (round-about) way home and in the eveing I brought Bailey to Aaron's house.
  • Tuesday - we went to uwajimaya and the japanese bookstore and then we waited around the house for our new mattress. After that, we walked around QA and ate some ice cream.
  • Wednesday - a very hectic day; we went to Bainbridge Island via bus/ferry and then found out the trip was more exciting than the island. We went to my favorite Indian restaraunt in the evening to celebrate my birthday.
  • Thursday - we went to the Woodland Zoo but Eriko wasn't feeling well and so we came home early and she took a nap until some things arrived from her mother. In the evening we jogged around QA and then walked our route, it was quite pleasant and nice exercise.
  • Friday - the exercise must have tired us out, as we had a late morning. I went to work for about 3 hours (leadership training program) and then we checked out the library in the internation district (Eriko rented two books) and bought some things at uwajimaya.

In the evenings, Eriko usually reads her book on the couch. I either read a book with her, play on the computer, or watch TV. The nightly shower starts about 9; Eriko spends about an hour in the bathroom before it is my turn.