- woke up about 6:30. i'd like to start swimming at Queen Anne pool, but i'm not
  there mentally yet. i decided i'll concentrate first on just waking up
  earlier, and once that becomes routine i can start swimming.
- ate a big breakfast. my plan is to stuff myself in the morning and then just
  eat little bits throughout the rest of the day. the social implications will
  be most difficult, as i won't be really eating lunch or going out for dinner.
- made it into work by about 8. i'd like to stick to an 8-5 schedule, if
  possible, because it gives me time in the evenings to do things. plus, if i'm
  on a schedule then i have a fixed time for working and it should encourage me
  to work smarter, not longer.
- left work about 5. the day went by fast, which is great. 
- arrived at UW about 6. i'm still driving to class because i don't like the
  idea of taking a long time to get home (on the bus) afterwards and i haven't
  started riding my bike again. the weather seems decent enough, albiet cold,
  to ride.
- arrived home about 10. Rob and I stayed after class and talked to the prof
  a bit, because we had questions about our upcoming project. i then bustled
  around the house trying to finish some chores (including Japanese homework)
  and still make it to bed quickly, since i knew i had to wake up quite early
  in order to do some early morning server maintenance.
- went to bed shortly after 11. i fell asleep pretty quickly, although Bailey
  decided to give me some unexpected attention.