another day, gone in the blink of an eye

0700 alarm goes off
0702 crawl out of bed, relieved because i’m not going to exercise now
0705 feed and pet bailey
0710 check my email
0730 weigh myself, get dressed, bailey and i eat some ham
0745 leave for work
0755 arrive at work
0800 less productive morning
0945 team meeting; group seems a bit tired
0955 more work, less than productive
1130 leave for home
1135 surprise bailey
1145 hit the stairmaster, level 10 of 20, no hands
1215 hit the shower
1230 hit the road (for work)
1300 bi-weekly triage meeting + lunch. i enjoy this meeting
1400 back to work, or something like that
1730 on the bus headed for downtown
1800 at japanese class
2050 class is over, i’m standing in the cold
2100 back on the bus
2130 at home, bailey seeks attention
2145 eating peanuts and drinking some wine
2200 working on my ai final
2300 relaxing with some tv while writing this entry