almost didn't make it

i woke up this morning and felt a little tired. i thought of exercise and convinced myself that since it was mid-week, i could put it off. i reset the alarm in haste (because i needed to fall back asleep before i reconsidered) and then i wasn’t sure whether i had set the time forward or the alarm. i wasn’t really able to fall back to sleep solidly, as i began to wonder about whether i would be late for work and that it was lame i had to be at work at a specific time. my thought process continued with me debating the merits of being a boss and wondering if i could keep it up once Eriko was here. Bailey did a great job of being quiet but eventually my thoughts overpowered my drowsiness and i woke up. i quickly re-evaluated my schedule and realized i could certainly still exercise because i can work later tonight since i have no prior obligations. there was a bit of mental convicing before i put on my exercise clothes and walked down the hall… only to hear someone else exercising. i didn’t like that at all and almost decided not to go through with it. after some more internal debates, i decided that at the very least i had to get headphones so i could listen to Seinfeld in peace. as it turned out, the girl’s presence in the room didn’t affect me in a negative way at all. she ran on the treadmill and even though that was right next to my station, Seinfeld kept me sufficiently distracted. now i’ve made it five days in a row, but can i keep it up?