interrupted fast

i was relaxing last night when i received a phone call from Alex asking me where i was and that they were at “Hootie’s.” at first was confused, then realized that it was Tony’s bachelor party and i had completely forgot. i was convinced it was the day before the wedding. after cursing at myself a bit, i put on some decent clothes and drove to Hooter’s. in restrospect, i didn’t have to eat anything at all. the guys were pretty focused on the beer and the waittresses. however, at the time i was shy about explaining what i was doing and looking so odd that i ordered a small bowl of clam chowder. ignoring that, i didn’t have anything else to eat or drink (besides water) so i’m happy with myself. the night was a little long though. Hooter’s took a while; then we went to Gameworks, which was fun; then it was to some bar where girls danced on the counter and they had a mechanical bull. the place was so noisy, crowded and smokey, that i was ready to go after about two minutes. i’ve become an old fuddy duddy, but i don’t mind. ;P