what a weekend

it started Friday night when I went with my team to Outback. we had nice time and i was stuffed. after work, i spent the evening relaxing and dealing with my food coma. on Saturday I slept in, then proceeded to borrow a power screwdriver from work so i could put together some shelves intended for my storage locker. having finished that, i proceeded to put together my entertainment center and bookshelf as well. i was quite pleased to have finished building all those items when i came into work for a bit, mainly to look at a problem Kris was trying to solve. i didn’t get real far on that, but still took off for Tacoma about 6 o’clock. i hung out with Kris and ate some indian food from my favorite restaraunt until about 9, when i met up with Ariel. we drove around for quite a while looking for a place to sit and talk. we eventually found one, but having done most of our talking in the car, we only stayed there for about an hour. i headed back up to Seattle and went to bed about 1 AM. i woke up early on Sunday; i picked up Brandon and we drove to Kirkland to meet with Art. it was a good breakfast; it is pleasant to hang out with those guys. i left my lights on and we had a minor adventure finding jumper cables to start the Miata, but soon after Brandon and i were on our way back. we got into a bit of a political discussion outside his apartment and it turns out he is a bit of an arm grabber when he wants to make a point. luckily i’m not too excitable so i didn’t get upset. as politics go, nothing was resolved and i went home. after giving Bailey a quick pat, i came into work. i started working on fixing a website for Jay. it was horribly broken and while fixing it the mail server had some trouble so i ended up hanging out at work slightly longer than i expected. i rode my bike home and then took a nap, as i was so exhausted from the trip. i started unpacking my boxes of books while watching a Japanese DVD, figuring i would spend the rest of the evening doing this. instead, i got a call from Pete who had earlier sent an email to several people indicating he had an extra ticket for a play. turns out i was the only one who spoke up, so i went with him to see “The Play’s the Thing” or something like that. it was funny and his company was enjoyable. i returned home about 10 where i vegged out in from of the tv for about 45 minutes before going to sleep. wow!