i’m all moved! i didn’t really clean my old place, but i don’t have the time either. the Miata is still full of the last tidbits as i was so worn out yesterday i didn’t want to unpack it. but… i’m all moved. =) i learned that i have to combat my pack rat instinct much more than i do. i have been hauling around this round piece of glass with the intention of using it for something – but never have, and i had this urge to junk it but ignored it. instead, i carried it in the Miata and did damage to my apholstery, probably more than the glass is worth. learning from that, i left my vacuum cleaner and plastic chair that i never use. i think there will probably be quite a few things that i will question as to why i am keeping as i unpack and organize my new place. i started to setup the bedroom a little last night by myself. i was able to move the desk by putting one end on a pillow and lifting the other. in order for the room to come together as i imagine, i’ll probably have to cut one of the ikea coffee tables in half. but the nice thing is that most of that furniture was free, like the vacuum cleaner, so i shouldn’t mind doing with it that which is necessary to improve my quality of life. Bailey had another brief run-in with her mail caller last night and is confined inside again. but she seems to be doing OK. i’ll let her out during the day when i’m able to be there and make sure that the other cat doesn’t come visiting.