questions, questions

I recieved an email from Eriko today asking when the best time to have children was. I have suspected that the impulse for marriage would grow stronger the more she desired children and that a child would closely follow marriage (in fact, when she would mention having a baby, I would remind her that we have to get married first). Specifically, she wants to know how having a child will align with me achieving a PhD. This is a tough one. I’m not 100% committed to a PhD but the gut desire is there and I think it is highly likely I will be committed soon. I told her a year or so ago that I wanted to wait 5 years after we were married. She took that to be 5 years after we met and that is fine. That would put a child about two years after marriage, which should correspond to the time frame in which I finish my master’s. I figure it will take me about two years to actually be enrolled in a PhD program – because I’ll want to take a break and I’ll need to do sufficient research and study. It will be a financial challenge to have children and go for my PhD but I think if we are modest and lucky, we can do it. I’m planning on making an offer on two different places this weekend. They are both in the same building. One is a more quality place while the other has more square feet. They are both overpriced so we’ll see how the owner’s react to my low-ball offers.