boy, this stuff is confusing. mortgages, rates, ARM, brokers, etc, etc. i’ve had a good time visiting with mom and dad. last night we talked about religion and spirituality and that is always kind of an awkward subject. i’m beginning to accept that they just may never understand how similiar, if not identical, our views of the world are. especially dad; he always gets frustrated that he can’t help me more but i don’t think he realizes that he has already helped me. i’m not interested in learning the particular tenets of the Catholic faith, i’m interested in learning and hearing about their own particular spirituality. i think a lot of the misunderstanding is my fault; i learn much more about their spirituality by not specifically mentioning the topic (or it’s sister, religion). i love to just dream and theorize and debate about the nature of the cosmos but they have a very fixed definition (of the details, in both cases). underneath the details, we have the same innate sense and understanding. i do a lot better when i ask about challenges, joys, and memories where i am then able to sense and feel rather than process things intellectually. which makes more sense for me anyway; i only think about spiritually ! as an exercise since one is a subset of the other. anyway, i’m learning. ;)