real estate

I met with the second of two realtors today, Linda. I met with Donald yesterday over lunch. I liked Linda’s style much better than Donald. Linda seems a tad bit less composed but she brought property listings for me to look at and we started right off into business. Donald spent the entire lunch chatting and then launched into his serious business speech. Donald made a big point about telling me how he wasn’t going to have me sign a contract, etc. It was almost as if I was supposed to feel guilty. Linda didn’t even mention it. Linda also ended the evening by chatting, which left me with a comfortable feeling rather than a hyped up defensive business posture. I believe I will meet with another realtor in early May. I don’t have much time for any more looking now as Eriko comes next week! I decided to go to a Linuxfest in Bellingham this Saturday. My buddy Art and Brandon is going and they are going to be advertising the PSNUG linux class, so I couldn’t rationalize my way out. If I’m serious about teaching the class, I need to show them that. Plus, there are some cool exhibits and I might be able to meet some smart people. Work is kicking my butt and I’m going to be very busy tomorrow and I’ll most likely have to work on Sunday as well. I was going to take Monday off but I cancelled that so I can be there to help the new guy.