Eriko sent me an email tonight and asked when it would be convient for me to get married (i’m paraphrasing, not quoting). she and i are so similar in that we are both goal-oriented, determined, hard-asses. her soft spot is for boys, mine is for girls. which is why i’ll never expect her to discipline our boys and i’ll make her aware that i cannot be expected to discpline our girls. ;P she suggested we be married sometime after spring 2005. i told her that was fine with me, i could take the fall semester off at UW and maybe get permission from work to take a month or two off. we could be married in Nagoya. if this date hits, it will actually be ahead of my expectations. i had thought that i would finish at UW and then move to Japan and convince her to come back with me. i hav a very big day ahead of me tomorrow. two new employees start.