more relaxed

i had to fire my first employee yesterday. it wasn’t an easy decision, nor an easy process. as terminations go, however, he made it easy. his unwilligness to put any effort towards addressing my concerns made the decision much easier and informing me that he was interviewing made the process much easier (no regrets). i’m rearranging my team and our working area in preparation for the new hires on Monday. i’m nervous, but in a good way. orientation at UW starts in two weeks and i’ll see Eriko in less than two months. i had a nice time with Kellie, Alex, and Reyna last night. Reyna reminds me a lot of Katrislept a little better last night by cranking up the heat to 75 or 80 (my bed on the floor never gets that warm, especially since the heater is only in one small corner of the apartment). Bailey was very patient with me as I didn’t open the window at all. i think i’ll put in a little extra time at work this weekend, mainly so i’m prepared for my new hippies.