a night with medicine

i received an unexpected call from Brian last night. at first i hestitated to pick it up, knowing that i have lots of work to do but i remembered what i agreed too – which was that he was busy and i would have to go out on his whim. first we went to McMenaminn’s where he ate and we both had a beer. most of that conversation was bitching about being older brothers and having younger brothers who aren’t living up to our idealistic dreams. his brother is in worse shape than Zack but i worry. then we met up with his buddy Ben and his finance from Cambodia. they have only known each other about a year and a half and will be married in June. another future doctor, John, also came and we all had a drink at bar at the top of Queen Anne. it was quite fascinating to watch these doctors-to-be discussing their training, their dreams, and their profession. much of it was like greek to me but there were many times when i felt as if they could have been car mechanics.