I went to a board meeting of the Puget Sound Network User’s Group last night. I was surprised to find an older crowd and I understand why they are having trouble recruiting new members. They have the same small business, group comradery, all-in-it-together mentality but their focus has changed. I’m more interested in the technology than I am the business and I noticed that they seem to be more focused on the business. It was an interesting experience. I will give my Linux seminar the last Wed of January (the 28th) and I should have about 6 students in the class. I have a lot of preparation to do between now and then. That, combined with my UW application, is going to eliminate almost all my free time. Tonight I let Alex talk me into coming over and bringing his co-worker Ian; we’re going to watch The Big Lebowski. And last night Aaron came over and I helped him with his homework. But really! I have to concentrate on my two chores… ;P