end of the year

this year saw many exciting events for me:

  • i saw Eriko three times
  • Eriko met my family and the love was mutual
  • i took a course at UW and received an A
  • i was promoted twice and now i'm a dev-lead
  • i am living on my own for the first time in my life
  • i took swimming lessons
  • Bailey is able to come and go freely again
  • I became an Uncle

i had some setbacks too:
  • i was denied admission to the UW master's program
  • i failed to increase my GRE math scores (they went down)
  • Eriko and i had some rocky times
  • i was unable to communicate in Japanese with Eriko's family

this next year is going to be (hopefully) particularly exciting:
  • i will be leading a team that (hopefully) will grow by 2+ people
  • i will apply to UW with improved stats (and hopefully accepted)
  • i will (hopefully) begin exercising regularly and get in shape
  • Eriko will (hopefully) visit me in my new place
  • i will (hopefully) aggressively improve my Japanese skills
  • i will (hopefully) find and purchase a condominium of my own
  • i will (hopefully) continue to apply downward pressure on my expenses
  • i will (hopefully) find more time to work on my lathing and computer projects
  • i will (hopefully) find more pleasure in reading and learning