i'm back!

my visit was too soon. but it went so well. Eriko’s family was kind and generous to me in a way that was definitely different. Dad said that things would change once she met my family and i could see that in their behavior towards me. Eriko and I had a great time together. there were a couple of moments when i needed space or she needed space (not many) and i my current theory is that we are both the strong, silent type. so when i need space i just leave or ignore her and she does the same – as i understand that about myself i come to appreciate it in her. i felt as if i was doing lots of appreciating on this trip. my Japanese was horrible and i am very embarrassed. i am very much humbled at the efforts Eriko and her family put in to communicate with me. her friends as well. and i don’t want them to have to put in so much work. somewhere inside, motiviation is building.