interesting weekend

I think I made a diary entry that didn’t make it due to some messing around with mail settings on my local machine, so I’ll make a summary. Brian came into Seattle on Friday night and I picked him up; then we hung out with Susie and David. It wasn’t bad, we ate Mexican food and then went to a bar. I really dislike going to bars though – stinky, loud, and typically boring. I worked for several hours on Saturday and ran some errands; then I went to Korean food with the three + a d00d named Chuck. The food was good but I was real tired and a little cranky. What I realized is that I was really annoyed with the way Susie interacts with me when there are other people around. Normally we have interesting, engaging discusions and that was missing from every one of our encounters this weekend. At worst, I was pissed; at best, I was annoyed. However, I think encounters like this are good to put things in perspective. Relations between people, as between countries, animals, etc. needs to be balanced from time to time. I feel as if I put too much faith in my friends and not enough in myself.