friends, part 2

perhaps my original thoughts about how Eriko was feeling were more correct; she wanted me to guess which of my friends she didn’t like and I guessed Tae and David – bam, nail on the head. the truth is, i’m comfortable with her not liking some of my friends. it is actually a great thing, although i cannot explain why i think so. despite the multitude of my bitches, i am very grateful that Eriko and I are apart from each other. we have this unique opportunity to grow independently and learn about each other as we choose to. and something clicked in me; i don’t know when but i was doing a statistical analysis of my email (yeah, i’m a nerd) and i realized that i am actually quite comfortable with the level of communication between Eriko and I. there will be puh-lenty of time for us to be around each other all the time, etc. funny how such realizations occur.