GRE in T-minus 4.5

I am as prepared as I can be at this juncture. I doubt that I drilled as much as I could have, nor as much as I should have; however, I am not going to force this on myself. I am slowly realizing my love for mathematics and if this is going to be the long-lasting relationship I desire then I need to take it slow and allow time for mathematics to love me too. I’m going to meet my buddy Art for lunch in about a half an hour. Art has been real kind to me, throwing business my way when appropriate and always believing that I can deliver him the quality of service I want too. He has a big heart. The dreams and schemes for the ultimate workstation/desk setup continue to flow in my head. I want to switch to a vertical keyboard so as to minimize the strain on my wrists. Aaron suggested that I build my own desk instead of buying one and I will indeed consider it; at the very least I will do a rough comparison of prices – I had originally intended to buy a table from Costco for around $50.