enjoying myself

Eriko took some time out to email with me a little bit. It was nice. I didn’t bring it up, but she realized that she hasn’t made a lot of time for me lately. That’s OK – I like the fact that I am becoming less dependent on her for my emotional well-being. I’m learning to take her gifts of love, place them next to those of my family, and draw on them when I need them. It is much better than needing attention. I’m just learning, but I’m excited. I’m dissapointed with the speed of my computer. I need to take a hard look at my finances and take a leap and upgrade this puppy. I don’t need the latest and greatest, just something that will do a buildworld in less than 24 hours. ;P I’m beginning to play with WebWare; we use it at work. I am trying to find a platform for my financial application. I will also evaluate Alex’s library.