*@#$@(*$&*& COMCAST!

All I want is some Internet access at home, yet I have none. I have been struggling with this installation process for comcast for two days now. If I don't get it working by the end of this weekend I'm cancelling and I'll have to either find another option or do without Internet access at home. Actually, I don't know if I can realistically consider the last option. It would be nice, for the break and the freedom from information overload, but I have to remain responsible to my servers and not being able to check on their condition or perform remote maintenance (without trudging into work) worries me. I wouldn't know if something went wrong. I will get Comcast working.

switching keyboard layouts is indeed difficult -- but i beleive this will be a wise investment for my wrists and my career. speaking of my career, i closed my last bug last night. i am hoping there will be no more found. the apartment is shaping up nicely, but alas there still remains work to be done. i will setup a computer (running windows!) so i can drill on the math portion of the gre. finally i have internet access at home!