back in the water again

I went swimming for the first time since last Tuesday? I had a real difficult time then and I have to admit I have been a little apprehensive… but today went really well. I discovered that if I do what my instructor told me and get the right body position in the water then I tend to glide along the surface. I’m still very uncoordinated but if felt really good. I swam for about 50 minutes and didn’t really feel that winded. It also helped that the two other people in the slow lane actually went slow (and in some cases, I had to wait for them!) Today’s been a pretty good day. I woke up early, went to the post office to notify them of my change in address, did a load of laundry, made a nice ham/cheese/egg mush for breakfast, went swimming, went to the library, got my apartment transfer papers from Larry the landlord (and he thinks I can move in Friday!), made myself a shredded BBQ sandwich for lunch, went and saw the movie “Underworld” with David, and spent a few moments letting Bailey make swiss cheese out of my arm. I borrowed “The Men” (starring Marlon Brando, which I will probably watch this evening), Carl Sagan’s “Billons and Billons”, and a learning Japanese for children book/cassette tape. I’m currently running some tests on my program for work as I attempt to find a memory leak. My mom seems to be doing a lot better and my dad actually made some gourmet (but simple) meals, which gives me some inspiration for my own cooking aspirations. Perspiration? Respiration? Transpiration? (I admit the last one came from /usr/share/dict/words). ;P