I’m a changed man now; I will do things when I want to – get things done right the first time, keep good notes, follow up on tasks. I’m on my way. I went swimming on Tuesday and it was awesome. I coughed and sputtered and took frequent rests but I swam crawl-stroke laps. My form was crap and my breathing irregular but I swam crawl-stroke laps. I went out for dinner yesterday evening and ate too much. I could have saved some food but I decided to just finish everything on my plate – including the coleslaw! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much Eriko is talking to me these days; I’m not sure how long it will hold up but I can hope for a while. I’m really enjoying it. This morning I woke up a little after 8 (8:15), fired up the puter and checked for some email from her. I wanted to write her then but I was feeling timid, I think. Next time (tomorrow?) I will. She wrote me about 8:30 to say good night although I didn’t receive it until I got to work about 9:20. It took me a while to get ready this morning because I made myself a hamburger for lunch. I ate two slices of ham and half a cup of yogurt for breakfast. It was yummy and contained roughly the same amount of carbs and protein with a little more emphasis on the protein. Similiar to zone but with my mom’s emphasis on lower carbs in the picture.