Eriko's visit

I've been too busy! Or perhaps I just haven't wanted to gaze on anything
except Eriko while she's been here, afraid she might dissappear. ;P

She arrived on Tuesday and it only took an hour or two before it felt as if
we had never been apart. The RAV4 had a nice clean paper floor mat, courtesy of
pop, and she liked that. She brought many nice gifts for the family -- shirts,
snacks, and some uniquely Japanese artwork that her mother had picked out. 
>From the start, it seemed as if she fit naturally into the family. I think
it may have been Tuesday evening when mom told me that she liked Eriko. 

My hair! It was long when Eriko arrived but she didn't flinch. I love that about
her. She might flutter about me but she is accepting of my appearance, no 
matter how uncouth. She watched mom cut my hair, knowing that I want her to
take over the job one day. 

Games were played. Lots of them. At first I think Eriko was very timid and
I can understand -- we have been playing games together all our lives and is
probably where our family bonds the most. By the end of the trip, though,
Eriko seemed to be enjoying herself. She even won Sorry! =) I look forward
very much to when she can play some of the more challenging games. I have no
doubts that she will get there. I am continually amazed with her ambition,
language ability, and love of learning. 

Wednesday... the gang of kids got together for bowling; I won both games. =)
Eriko came in second the second game -- I think she enjoyed that. Then we
drove downtown, parked, and walked around. I think we both enjoy walking
around, holding hands, and experiencing things together. At least I do. 
We had a late lunch at the Glacier Brewhouse -- and we were both a little
to full for dinner. In the evening... more games!

We had some very intimate moments, Eriko and I. We both have a strong desire
to please and a love of learning which (I think) makes holding and kissing
each other very enjoyable. I don't feel rushed or like rushing when I'm with
her -- it is very amazing.

Thursday we went off to Portage.. we had a lot of activities planned but 
somehow we only had time to visit the lodge, the visitor's center, and go on
the glacier cruise. She spent lots of time napping while we drove and I 
realized how much I enjoy our comfortable silence. Susie came for dinner and
I quickly got the impression that the interaction that Susie and I have on
a one to one basis does not extend to when she is in groups; she is much
more "professional." She told me that she was tired and left soon after dinner,
I suspect she might have been a little bored to -- especially since Eriko and
I are content to sit and talk softly to each other.

Friday involved running around shopping for gifts for Shogo and Eriko's mom;
after a round of mini-golf, of course. 

She left this morning and perhaps I should fill in more detail but I can't
at the moment. I can't imagine her visit any better. She liked my family
and they liked her. I'm a lucky guy.