I wasn’t up late but that doesn’t stop me from being sleepy this morning. I had a good birthday. Slept in, laying awake wondering if I would hear from Eriko. Then I got up, drank some coffee, and then laid on the couch, reading a little Satre and daydreaming/thinking (usually about Eriko). Finally about eleven David woke up and we headed out to Seattle’ seafair. Nothing was happening, although we could see the Blue Angels flying about along with a C-130. I felt cool because I predicted the C-130 based on the noise as it flew over our apartment. We proceeded to pick up David’s friend who is a researcher at Fred Hutchison, and headed for a Korean restaraunt in Edmonds. The food was delicious and very filling. Upon returning to our home base, David and I watched Pitch Black – we’d both already seen it but we were too tired and full to do anything else. ;P He went to take a nap and I laid on the couch and read a little more Satre and some Calvin and Hobbes. I got a call from my parents, which was very enjoyable; then David and I met Alex and Kellie to watch American Wedding at the theatre. It was entertaining but not quite worth the price I paid. Finally, it was time for bed. And Eriko did remember.