I’ve been at work way too long tonight, but I got some shit accomplished. About time! I hope the productivity streak can continue. I had my last swimming class tonight, we learned the elementary backstroke, or chicken-airplane-soldier. It was cool. I feel more and more natural in the water everytime I get in, now I just need practice, practice, practice! I secured vacation today at work for going to visit Eriko in December. I’ll be gone Dec 4th - 14th.. and I’ll get to see Eriko perform in a drama while I’m there! I’m excited. I also grabbed some vacation time to visit the fam; I need to buy a ticket 20th - 28th. And! Susie agreed to be my date for the Real Dave’s wedding. Just my way of surrouunding myself with all the people I love at one time. Tae will be there, I haven’t seen that fucker for a while… I hear he is doing well and I’m glad. Time to leave work, go home, eat some pretzels, read some of Politika, take a shower and ZZZZzzzz…. (of course, I should insert attend to Bailey’s needs in between each item.. ;P