Another day

So I realized today that I don’t hate my job; I have simply been pushing the threshold on burning out. I made some pretty big mistakes, many due to my false assumptions about what my co-workers would do for me and what I was expected to do. I realized that the most important goal I have is to make sure that I’m doing well on a day to day basis – of course, I know this, but can’t seem to remember it. My boss approved my request for an additiona week off, so I can go see my good buddy Miyamuktuk get married. Who would have thought. I can remember like yesterday the days of Patrick, Yuji, Brandon, Bird. I still see Brian often, or at least often enough to know what he’s up too, how h. Every one else is pretty much a mystery. My friendship with Yuji will probably never be repaired; he’s prideful and I’m impatient. Patrick is probably off spreading his seed in foriegn lands.. God only knows how many children he has now. Brandon and Bird? Probably roommates. No need to talk about who is on top. I watched a comedy with Margaret Cho tonight, by David’s invitation. Gotta put the TV to some use. It was good stuff. 3 more weeks until I see Eriko.