i dream of a day

I wake up, kiss my wife, and roll out of bed. It is early – the sun still sleeps. I head for the pool, arriving as it opens. My swimming is effortless; the water and I have made our peace. My mind whirls, analyzing and organizing my schedule and priorities for the day. I leave the pool, refreshed and alert. I return home, to help my wife make breakfast and get the children ready for school. I drive the kids to school, the ones who don’t take the bus, and begin to receive/make phone calls from my car after dropping them off. I do a little consulting besides my day job, a professor.

After arriving at work, I meet with my collegaues before lectures begin. The air is competitive, constructive, academic. We all have our strengths, our weaknesses – and our mutual respect. I lecture students, trying to pass along a hint of my knowledge and experience; I hope I can inspire just one to charge beyond his “limit,” to strive for what she dreams. Lunch comes, and today I am meeting with my wife; we do this as often as our schedules permit. She has our youngest with her, but he is worn out from morning playtime and naps. Our conversation is light and enjoyable, we poke fun at each other.

My afternoon consists of more lectures and office hours, which I enjoy very much. The chance to speak with and help students on an individual basis is much more exciting for me – and it provides me with a chance to learn from them; learning being my driving force in life. Of course, I have research and paper writing to do – I have become so comfortable in the world of theory that this is a playground to me.

I hit the University pool before returning home to help with dinner; actually, I am the sole cook tonight as I am making my favorite curry. I manage to draft a daughter and son to help; it is really more company then assistance. My wife returns and we eat; she cleans up while I get the kids started on homework.

I do some homework too, working on a software program I have been contracted to create. It is coming along nicely but much work remains. I hear the sounds of music as my wife and daughter learn the violin, the sounds of a computer video game as my son enhances his reflexs and problem-solving skills. And the purring of my cat, comfortably resting near my feet.

With the kids tucked in, my wife and I retire to the comforts of each other, and soon, tomorrow comes.