So fascinating. I’ve just spent about an hour or two going over old email, from as far back as 1998. I discovered that some email had accidentally been deleted and was quite concerned until I was able to restore it from a backup tape. Which reminds me that I need to get a real tape drive for the server, I would have been lost without it. And I’d be lost without my buddy Susie, who I talk to often (we just made a bet on who has a bigger waist – I’m going to win, which means I lose and have to buy dinner). Anyway, back to email – I’ve decided to collate my email and produce graphs so I can see when I email the most, where it comes from, etc. Eriko and I have sent an amazing amount of email to each other in a short time – I have received almost 4000 emails from her. I worry sometimes, that our flame burned too hot… I didn’t even think of that until Brian told me it was so.. but I hope it is not the case. The future is an exciting enigma; an infinite serious of roads. Fasci! nating.