Beautiful Bailey

I continue to make comparisons between Baily and Eriko in my head. I never really knew why I picked up Bailey. Part of me says it was because she was so cute; another part says that I felt a need to provide and protect her, since nobody else offered; another part says that I was lonely and jealous of other’s companions. Bailey and I didn’t spend much time together during the beginning of our relationship. I didn’t make time for her and circumstances prevented her from casually interacting with my daily routine. As it was, we grew differently. I’m not sure if it just clicked one day or if it happened more gradually than I can remember, but we began to take note of each other. I can recall the first time I really noticed that she missed me. I had left for Alaska to visit the family and when I came home she laid on my bed and let me rub her tummy. I don’t think she has ever done that again. Now she has become an integral part of my life; it is difficult to imagine life without ! her.